Phone Is Cash - PhoneisCash - FRAUD/BEWARE

Saint Louis, Missouri 1 comment
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I have sent in two 3GS phones in premium condition and they show received.

I did get an email back saying they are under eval and it has been two weeks.

I have sent numerous emails and shame on me finally did a search and saw all these posts.

BEWARE.....this is a FRAUD site/effort......DO NOT send your phone in !!!!

Other postive posts are most likely from employess posting entice.

It is unfortunate that you have to learn from mistakes like this....I just hope others can avoid my error from reading this......DO NOT use PhoneisCash......BEWARE.

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I had same experience in past.....this company should be shut down....they have NY address...perhaps local authorities can be called in.

Phone Is Cash - Do not use Phoneiscash for you old cell phones.

Nolensville, Tennessee 0 comments
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Do not use phoneiscash for your old cell phones.They gave me a quote, I mailed the phones & have never received any money as promised.

The phones were received October 14, 2012. When I contact them, all I get is an auto reply. DO NO USE PHONEISCASH.COM. not use this company. They will cheat you out of your cell phones. not use this company. They will cheat you out of your cell not use this company. They will cheat you out of your cell phones. not use this company.

They will cheat you out of your cell not use this company.

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DO NOT deal with this company-Phone is Cash

Mount Laurel, New Jersey 1 comment

I shipped my old cell phone to Phone is Cash on May 19, 2011 per their instructions to PIC Inc.PO Box 50197, Staten Island, NY 10305.

They did acknowledge that they had received my old cell phone after a month after I sent repeated emails for confirmation of receiving it.

Now today is July 26, 2011. after two months, they still did NOT make any payment nor make any communications whatsoever as promised before the shipment and did NOT respond to the repeated inquiries. After two months!

DO NOT deal with this company.This company is getting your phones free and you also have to pay to ship to them.

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You are one broke mothafudga.. Paying to ship your old broke *** phone for a few bucks? Jokes on you!

Phone Is Cash

Orlando, Florida 0 comments
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I shipped 6 phones to them and after 30 days they sent me an e-mail that 5 of the 6 phones were "Damaged".One was a Blackberry 9630 and they said the touchscreen doesn't work (Blackberry only has one model of touch screen and it's not this).

They said I could reject order and as their email states: We can send the disqualified phone back to you. You will be required to pay for return shipping and handling. Shipping and handling is $10 for the one phone and $2.50 for each additional phone. Return fee must be paid within 10 business days.

If we do not receive it after 10 business days, will dispose/recycle all disqualified handset.I have tried at least 10 emails and cannont get anyone to responds

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